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2022 Stewardship Theme

Our Stewardship emphasis for 2022 is “Under New Management: God is in Control of Our Lives.”  How are we saying THANKS to God for all that He has done for us?  When we think of Christian stewardship, we probably think of what we place in the offering plate.  We hope that you are showing your gratitude through generous giving, but what are you doing with your talents that reflect your thankfulness for the talents God has entrusted to you?

 As stewards, we realize that our talents and abilities are gifts from God that are to be used in His service.  When we use our gifts for God’s benefit, we acknowledge that He is the provider, and we express our thanks for what He gives to us.  We express our gratitude as we use our talents to help and support our neighbors as well as those in need.  We can also show our appreciation by serving in our church.  Some of the tasks that we can do around the church are fairly obvious, such as being kind and courteous to fellow worshippers, welcoming new visitors, giving words of encouragement, volunteering to sing in the choir, ushering, teaching Sunday school, serving on committees or boards, serving on altar guild, etc.  There are many ways of expressing thanks for the blessings that God has given to us, so let’s get busy!

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